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DeMile Martial Arts & Fitness classes provide personal coaching in a small group environment. Class size is limited to ensure each client receives quality instruction.


CSD Combative Circuit is a 45-minute bootcamp utilizing specific stations and unique technologies to increase your cardio, strength, core, and flexibility for overall fitness and self-defense improvement. Great sports conditioning for all fitness levels and families. Not only are you getting into great shape, you are learning real-world self-defense movements. Measure your striking speed, power,and cardio fitness with patent-pending Fittest Warrior and new L.A.S.R. weapons technology. 


DSD Combines real-world scenario-based self-defense training with fight conditioning drills to prepare and strengthen you for the psychological and physical realities of a violent assault. Reinforced with home and street deterrence strategies for keeping you and your family safe. Includes elements of Bruce Lee's fighting concepts, Military Combatives, ground fighting, and gun/weapon defense.



Participants will:
• Learn physical, verbal, and psychological self-defense techniques for dealing with the most common stand-up and ground self-defense situations.
• Identify threat zones, read body language
• Be introduced to the physical and mental "Principles of Readiness"
• Learn to convert fear into confidence.


BJJ is a traditional, belted, Kimono/GI based martial art and combat system that focuses on grappling with emphasis on ground fighting for self-defense, military combatives, MMA an sports competition. BJJ provides an excellent foundation for functional strength, cardio fitness, stress relief, improved coordination, flexibility, and balance. Goals reached with 45-60 minutes invested 2-3 times a week.


About Ken DeMile 

Ken DeMile - Founder of Cardio Self-Defense Group Fitness and - Blackbelt in Wing Chun Do - DJKD, IBJJF Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Instructor - Certified USA Boxing Coach - Certified Israeli Krav Maga - Special Forces Combatives Instructor - CrossFit Certified Ken is an active martial arts champion competitor and former competitor and champion in the Scottish Highland Athletic Games. Ken is also a member of The DeMile Self-Defense team founded by The World Renowned Sijo James DeMile-Wing Chun Do Founder, best selling author, Military boxing champion, former US Special Forces (Green Berets) Instructor and an original student of the late Bruce Lee.

Rank and Affiliations:

Blackbelt - Awarded by World Renowned  Sijo James DeMile ( first generation student of Bruce Lee), and the Founder of Wing Chun Do,and former Special Forces  Combatives Instructor with 1st Group.

Black Belt - Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu IBJJF member/Competitor

Instructor - Cardio Self-Defense 

Co-Founder of

Certified Krav Maga Instructor -WWKM

Certified - USCCA Concealed Firearm  & Home Defense Instructor 

Certified USA Boxing Coach - USA Olympic Coach Tom Mustane

Certified CrossFit Trainer

Certified AFAA Fitness Trainer

Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Theology 


Competition and Awards:

2017 IBJJF World Masters Championship Division Gold Medalist and  Absolute Bronze Medalist 

2015 IBJJF  Seattle International Championship Gold Medalist 

2007 Can American Scottish Highland Games Amateur Champion 

2002 Special Force Combatives Reaction Speed Award Champion - Thailand 

1998 ISJJA World Championship -Bronze Medalist

1997 Sports Ju Jitsu Washington State Champion -  Gold Medalist

1997 Sports Ju Jitsu West Champion -  Gold Medalist 

For more information:

OR contact Ken DeMile at 425-417-0816