Women's Self-Defense Workshop

Would you be able to defend yourself and your loved ones if someone were to physically attack you? It’s a question most of us don’t want to consider, but violence is, unfortunately, a fact of life. Thankfully, regardless of strength, size, or previous training, anyone can learn several effective self-defense techniques.

One of every five women will be attacked or raped in their lifetime. You don't need to be a victim. Take a step in your own survival by attending a Women’s Self-Defense Workshop. Women who resist or fight back have a greater chance of deterring a physical or sexual assault. Statistics indicate that there is a 50% chance that the attacker will flee if you choose not to be a victim & FIGHT BACK!

Regardless of strength, size, or previous training anyone can learn effective self-defense techniques. In this workshop, you experience empowerment & techniques that are effective & easy to remember. Join us for a 3-Hour Self-Defense & Personal Safety Training! Participants will:

• Learn physical, verbal, and psychological self-defense techniques for dealing with the most common stand-up and ground self- defense situations. • Identify threat zones, read body language • Be introduced to the physical and mental "Principles of Readiness" • Learn to convert fear into confidence. • Proper use and of Kimber Pepper Blaster (pepper spray)

$79 per person - class only OR $99 per person - class plus a Kimber Pepper Blaster to take with you

Please wear comfortable clothing you can move in. Ages 12+

Invite your friends and register today!

Register here: https://conta.cc/35yjNgV

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